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Which is worse Freezing rain or sleet?

Freezing rain, because it basically creates a sheet of ice covering everything. At least with sleet, it can't accumulate on powerlines or tree branches, and you can just shove (MORE)

How does freezing rain happen?

Freezing rain happens when there is a layer of warmer air above a layer of sub-freezing air. The moisture passes through the warmer layer either causing it to become liquid or (MORE)

What type of cloud produces freezing rain?

Freezing rain can come from Cumulonimbus and Nimbostratus clouds, but the clouds are not responsible for the freezing rain. If the precipitation falls from the clouds as sno (MORE)
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What causes freezing rain?

Freezing rain is caused when you have a precipitating cloud deck with a mass of warm air below it and then a thin mass of freezing air near the ground. When the precipitatio (MORE)

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