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How do you say what are you doing in French language?

in french if you wanted to say that you are doing something you would say Je fais ... which means i am doing ...   HERE ARE SOME VERBS THAT YOU MIGHT WANT TO ADD TO THIS (MORE)

How do you say in French language Can you speak French?

you can say "Parles-tu français?" "Est-ce que tu parles français?" "Tu parles français?" Or, in more formal situations(ex. you're meeting a stranger) you may replace "tu" w (MORE)

Which language is better french or German?

"better" isn't really fitting. German is easier to learn, but OTOH Germans seems to be a bit more eager to learn English than the French is. This would make French the "better (MORE)

What is the official language of French Guiana?

Though Creole is widely spoken, French is the official language of  French Guiana. Guiana is a region of France located on the north  Atlantic coast of South America, border (MORE)

If french is a romance language what is Japanese?

Japanese is generally regarded as being one of the Japonic languages, of which there are not very many -- just two, in fact: Japanaese and Ryukyuan. The wider classification (MORE)

Is French Canada a language?

French Canada refers to those parts of Canada where French is the primary language used. Today, this definition would correspond to all of the province of Quebec (excluding pa (MORE)

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