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What is a frequency?

Frequency really means how often a wavelengths repeats itself and is actually related to time. Different wavelengths can be of a single frequency or they can contain multiple, (MORE)

What is the frequency?

Frequency is defined as the number of cycles per minute. Ex: for a sine wave from " 0 to pi " is a cycle, and this repeats periodically within a interval of time. if frequenc (MORE)
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What is frequence?

Frequence is how often something has happened. (EG) if you said how frequently do you play football a week an answer to that could be 1,2,3 ... E.C.T
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What is your frequency?

Frequncy is the speed of an electrical wave through a conducting material.for example a wave of frequency 50 Hz takes 20 milli seconds(1/50) to complete one cycle.

What is frequency and frequency distribution?

Frequency is how often something occurs. Frequency distribution is how often something occurs within a group of separate categories or ranges. Say you had a list of exam sco (MORE)
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What is allele frequency and gene frequency?

Genes are sequences of nucleotides in the RNA or DNA of an organism, either coding for a protein, or regulating expression of other genes in some way. Alleles are variants (MORE)
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Which frequencies are the airband frequencies?

Airband, a group of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum, uses the frequencies between 108 and 137 megahertz. A license is required to operate airband equipment.