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What is frequent urination?

Frequent means often so it's when you have to run to bathroom and pee all the time. Common with pregnancy.
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How frequent can you eat?

too much of anything is always bad. too frequent in eating is also bad. life sustains because of balance, so keep balance in eating too
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Why do you get frequent periods?

You get frequent periods, as in once a month, from the age of about11 right through to the menopause. The reason why you get periodsis because it is the body's way of letting ( Full Answer )
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What does frequents mean?

Makes use of the facilities on a infrequent to casual basis.. The frequents the club on 49th treets. Means: he goes to the club on 49th street fairly often.
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Why he does not phone frequently?

Not a teenagers anymore. Probably has lots to do after work hours. I think women think "why isn't he calling?" and men are thinking "What projects need to be completed this we ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with frequently?

Rhymes with frequently: . Consequently . Delinquently . Eloquently . Grandiloquently . Inconsequently . Ineloquently . Infrequently . Magnificently . Sequentially ( Full Answer )
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What are the synonyms for frequently?

repeatedly, regularly, periodically, habitually The best synonym is probably "often." While Halley's comet *regularly* comes within the Earth's view (every 70-odd years), it d ( Full Answer )
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How frequent are tornadoes?

The United States gets the majority of the world's tornadoes. It gets about 1200 tornadoes in an average year.
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Who frequents libraries?

People who frequent the library are from all walks of life, and they use the library for a variety of reasons. Reasons for visiting the library includes: . To research a to ( Full Answer )
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Is frequently a verb?

No, the word frequently is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb; frequently tells how often the action occurs. Example: We frequently visit my aunt in town.