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Why do you get frequent periods?

You get frequent periods, as in once a month, from the age of about  11 right through to the menopause. The reason why you get periods  is because it is the body's way of le (MORE)

What does frequents mean?

  Makes use of the facilities on a infrequent to casual basis.   The frequents the club on 49th treets. Means: he goes to the club on 49th street fairly often.
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Who frequents libraries?

People who frequent the library are from all walks of life, and they use the library for a variety of reasons. Reasons for visiting the library includes: . To research a to (MORE)
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Is frequently a verb?

No, the word frequently is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb; frequently tells how often the action occurs. Example: We frequently visit my aunt in town.
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