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How do you make a Fresnel lens?

It's almost impossible for a person to just make a fresnel lens, it's made in factories, u can FOUND some of them in rear projection tvs
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What is the function of fresnel lens at projector?

A fresnel lens helps focus a beam of light going through it. Light bends (refracts) as it passes through different transparent materials, like through a glass ball, or when it ( Full Answer )
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Can fresnel lens can be found in magnifying glass?

A fresnel lens is a type of magnifying glass itself. NOT the most familiar type like sherlock holmes used. You can find fresnel lenses stuck to the back window of vans, in lig ( Full Answer )
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Does fresnel lens is a convex lens? is a plano-convex lens....wid grooves cut in it on is very very thin as compared to a simple convex lens
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What do fresnel lights do?

The fresnel lights have fresnel lenses that allow for the light to be softer. The fresnel lights also cast a very soft shadow and capture more of an oblique lighting.
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What is the purpose of Fresnel lens?

It's like any lens except that it is very thin, like a sheet, usually used in rear projection tv's
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Where can you get Fresnel magnifying lens for solar power project.The dimension of the sheet should be minimum 2 ft x 4 ft.Can I get it in mumbai?

A couple of years ago, I did a successful Google search for such an item from the US. Plastic Fresnel lens. But don't forget, concentrating the sunlight from such an area in ( Full Answer )
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Who originally developed the Fresnel lens?

The Fresnel Lens was originally developed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel. It is a type of compact lens used to project light within a lighthouse.