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Is Belford High School an accredited high school?

Answer 1:  Yes, Belford High School is definitely an accredited high school, However, it's accreditation is by the International Accreditation Agency for Online Universties ( (MORE)

Is east high school from high school musical real?

Yes it is very real and in fact there were some students that go to the school actually in the movie!
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How high is a high school basketball hoop?

The top of the hoop is 10 feet above the playing surface below and measured perpendicularly. The bottom of the backboard is 9 feet 6 9/16 inches from the floor (The lowest poi (MORE)

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How is junior high different from high school?

Junior high is 2 years, while high school is 4. High school also  matters much more - especially sophomore, junior, and senior year  because these are the main years that co (MORE)
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What is high school?

  High school is a school which holds grades from 9th-12th. Right after Middle school
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Is high school musical a school?

High School Musical is not a school, but East High is a real  school.   Its in Colchester.    There is an actual school in Salt Lake where the 1st and 3rd movies  (MORE)

If you never had a girlfriend in high school will you get one after high school?

Definitely! There are a ton of guys and girls who have barely any  experience dating in high school that end up getting married! you  really need to have perspective on this (MORE)