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What is Switchfoot Friday?

Switchfoot Friday is on the first Friday of every month.You listion to Switchfoot,wear SF Merchandise,talk about SF with your friends ,etc.If you go to (MORE)

When is Good Friday?

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, which is a different date  in Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. In Western  Christianity the date of Easter is determin (MORE)
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If today is Monday is next Friday this coming Friday?

No. In proper English usage, "this Friday" refers to this coming Friday and "next Friday" refers to the Friday after that.There are plenty of agreements/disagreements on this (MORE)

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What is Good Friday?

Answer Good Friday has a couple of nicknames. They are: Holy Friday and Great Friday. It is a Christian Holiday. It is celebrated for the cemmomorates the crusification and t (MORE)

What is Good Friday and why is it Good Friday?

For the majority in Christianity, it is believed that Jesus died on  a Friday - hence the term Good Friday. These Christians would point  to the crucifixion as the propiatio (MORE)

Why is friday called friday?

Friday is originated from an old english term meaning "day of frige". I belive frigg,the wife of odin and goddess of married love and of the hearth was given to the fifth day (MORE)