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Is friedrich Brahms brother?

Yes - here's an article I wrote about him in 1996.   Forgotten Heroes of Western Art Music No. 3 - Friedrich Brahms I've always felt sorry for this man. He, like his fathe (MORE)
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How did Carl Friedrich Gauss die?

Carl Friedrich Gauss died in his sleep on February 23, 1855 after years of deteriorating health in Hannover. It was in the early morning. He was buried in the cemetery Albanif (MORE)

Who is Friedrich Engels?

"Fredrich Engels was the co developer of Marxism with his more wellknown colleague Karl Marx" Improved: Friedrich Engels was aradical thinker and is best known for his contr (MORE)

What influenced Friedrich Nietzsche?

Aristotle · Bourget[1] · Burckhardt ·Dostoyevsky · Emerson · Empedocles[2] ·Epicurus · Goethe · Guyau · Hegel · Heine ·Heraclitus · Hölderlin · Kant · Lange · (MORE)

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Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?

You are most likely talking about Friedrich Nietzsche, an  existentialist German philosopher from the 19th century. A man of  bold words and ideas, he has been perhaps one o (MORE)

Was Friedrich Nietzsche an atheist?

No, he saw the atheists as being as dogmatic as the theists in  their respective beliefs.   He didn't even try to prove or disprove God's existence. He just  want to hav (MORE)

Did Friedrich Nietzsche agree with Hitler?

Nietzsche didn't live at the time when Hitler rose to public so he didn't have a change to comment Hitler's actions. It is although well-known that Nietzsche was strongly agai (MORE)