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What do Friesian horses look like?

Friesian horses are almost always black there have been at least two rare occasions where there have been red Friesians. There coats have no white markings at all, no white on (MORE)

Can Friesian Horses jump?

Not usually. They are too big. But sometimes they can but they would never make good jumpers because they are too big and heavy. But they are still wonderful and magnificent a (MORE)

What is a friesian horse?

The Friesian came originally from Friesland, in the Netherlands.  It's build resembles that of a light draft horse, however, they are  still quite agile and swift. The ances (MORE)

What should I name my Friesian horse farm?

  Oh, some details: I am located in the northeast USA. We have two creeks (black creek and McClellan creek) on our property. we have 29 acres. there are pines and maples (MORE)