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Habitat of a frilled shark?

Frilled sharks live near and on continental slopes and shelves in various oceans in tropic and temperate climates.
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What is a no frills account?

A 'No Frills' account is a basic banking account. Such account  requires either nil minimum balance or very low minimum balance.  Charges applicable to such accounts are low (MORE)

Do frilled lizards live in rainforests?

Yes they do. Their natural habitat is the humid climate of forested areas in Australia and New Guinea.
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How do you use the word frill in a sentence?

U can use it like: that dress has so many frills. Or I like the frill of the lace on the side of that skirt.
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Where does the frill- necked lizard live?

Frilled Lizards live in dry forests and woodland, in the northern and northwestern parts of Australia. They are often found in trees, moving easily between branches.
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Did dilophosaurus have a neck frill and spit poison?

No, they do not have a frill or the ability to spit poison. 1.Neither the frill or poison would fossilize 2.It only shows the frill and poison in Jurassic Park 3.Now that (MORE)

What age does no frills hire at?

Most No-Frills probably hire at 14-16 age minimum. But if you want to know for sure at your No-Frills then you have to ask the store manager.
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Are frilled neck lizard poisonous?

No, they just open their mouth and poke out their tongue to scare you. They have no poison glands.
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