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Do you have to live on usc campus?

No. USC students, even freshmen, are not required to live on campus. The USC website contains the following question and answer below on this point. "Is living on campus mand (MORE)

Is UCLA a branch campus of Cal?

If by Cal you mean Berkeley, then somewhat yes. UCLA and UC Berkeley are two of the ten University of California campuses. Each works independent of the other. These two schoo (MORE)

What is off-campus?

Usually "off-campus" refers to a living situation while enrolled in college. When a student lives "on-campus" they live in a dorm or other type of housing on the school's prop (MORE)
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How do you login into dmps campus portal?

google dmps campus portal. Click on the link that has the dmps school address in it. When you get into the login screen put in your student ID as your username and your birthd (MORE)
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How big is Villanovas campus?

The campus can feel a little larger than you might think because it is a little spread out, but to walk across the entire space would only take 20 minutes at the most.
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What is the singular possessive of campus?

There are two accepted forms for a possessive singular that ends in  s:    Add an apostrophe s ('s) after the existing s at the end of the  word.   Example: The c (MORE)