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Is Frodo Baggins awesome?

It depends on how you think of him, really. Forget the Frodo Baggins of the films and think of the stronger, wiser Frodo Baggins from the books, who can resist the power of th (MORE)

Who is Frodo Baggins?

The bearer of the one ring to rule them all. He must deliver the ring to Mt. Doom and have it destroyed. He is also famously know for being Samwise Gamgee's friend. He is th (MORE)

How tall is Frodo Baggins?

Between 2 and 4 feet tall . Thay say he is shorter than Gimli who is around 4'4. and he's under 4 so i would guess around 3.8/3.7 foot tall..
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How did Frodo Baggins die?

Frodo left the Shire and went to the Undying Lands where he lived with the elves and doesn't die. Frodo sailed to the Undying Lands to live out the rest of his days in the p (MORE)

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