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Why do frogs have no teeth?

Frogs swallow their food whole so teeth are an unnecessary burden and have been dismissed.   ----   Actually, frogs do have teeth. They are carnivores and, not only do t (MORE)

Do frogs crawl?

  No they Hop.   Frogs do not have joints in their knees so they have so possible way of crawling.
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Why are frogs slimy?

  This is because the frog skin secretes a mucus that helps keep it moist
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Do frogs like to have frog friends?

It depends on the type of frog. Some frogs, like the southern brown tree frog, love and most of the time live with other frogs. While some frogs are so territorial that they w (MORE)
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Why is a frog called a frog?

A frog is named a frog for no particular reason.   The name frog is said to come from the Old English frogga, and/or Old Norse frauki or German Frosch. But as to how those (MORE)
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Can a frog eat another frog?

They all feed on insects, but some do eat other frogs! They are carnivorous and eat insects such as crickets, waxworms, mealworms, superworms, bloodworms, earthworms, fruit (MORE)

What do frogs eat and what eats frogs?

Frogs will eat flies, worms, crickets, moths, and other insects. Or, if there is another frog nearby that is small enough to swallow, that frog will be eaten. Snakes, birds, b (MORE)

Do your frogs die on pocket frogs?

No they do not. I haven't been on my pocket frogs in a year. Just logged on and they are all fine so im guessing they dont die.
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