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What do frogs do?

Frogs hop, eat flies with their long tongue, live in swamps, and get eaten by snakes and other big predators. frogs are very important to the environment. The eat annoying, pe (MORE)

What do frogs have?

Frogs have a 3-chamber heart (a ventricle and 2 atria), lungs, pancreas, fat bodies, spleen, testes, ovaries, ovaducts. The males even have a vestigial ovaduct.

What do frogs do and why?

Frogs eat the flies and insects that fly around your plants and they hop around places and breed so if you want a frog family gets some frogspawn (eggs of frogs) or 2 frogs to (MORE)

Frogs what do they do?

Hi there frog are amphibians this means they live o land and in water.Frogs eat flies and insects as there main diet , they husnt these bby flicking there long tongue out and (MORE)

What can frogs do?

Like all living creatures, frogs occupy a niche in their ecosystem. For example, they can keep ponds free of mosquitoe larvae, help keep down the population of flies, mosquito (MORE)
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Do you have frogs?

  I do. I have a White's Tree Frog who is 16 years old!
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