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How do you get the froggie stick on Super Mario RPG?

After you go to Tadpole Pond, and after the scene where Frogfucius reveals that Mallow isn't a tadpole, talk to him, but make sure you have the Cricket Pie that you get from M (MORE)
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Is a beaver an omnivore?

No, it is not. Beavers are herbivores. For example, the American beaver eats the inner bark, twigs, shoots and leaves of deciduous trees such as birch, aspen, willow and popla (MORE)

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How do beavers move?

  Beavers have webbed hind legs that act like as a paddle when they swim through water. They have a large flat tail that helps them steer through water. Their tail is use (MORE)
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How do beaver ponds help the beaver?

Their pond is a protection from predators such as coyotes, wolves, and bears. The entrance to their lodge is underwater, where those predators will not follow.
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