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What is a frontier?

   An international border.  The area along an international border.    A region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area.  An undeveloped area or field for d (MORE)

What are the frontier days?

There are "frontier days" in many locations in the USA. They consist of a celebration of the settling of an area, such as Wyoming. In Wyoming, there is an annual "Cheyenne Fro (MORE)

What was the Texas frontier?

Following the Civil War, approximately 5 million longhorn cattle  ranged freely across South Texas. This south Texas area later  became known as the Texas frontier.

What is the frontier ethic?

Frontier ethic is a coined phrase. It means that a corporationplaces profit above any detrimental environmental effects thattheir company may cause.
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Do you have frontier?

If you ask, "Do you have frontier?" it really cant be answered the same. People might have Time Warner Cable or something. If one person answers another might disagree. The an (MORE)
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Who was the frontier government?

Most of the people who came to the America settled along the coast. As these areas became more crowded, people moved to the frontier. The frontier referred to land west of th (MORE)

Where is the last frontier?

Alaska has the nickname: The Last Frontier.   Space has the nickname: The Final Frontier (see Star Trek)   Alaska is called the last frontier, because it has so much  (MORE)