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How do you get to the battle frontier?

To get to the Battle Frontier, you have to beat the Elite Four with Pokemon of your Trainer Number. (No traded Pokemon.) Then Scott will give you the ferry ticket. Take th (MORE)

What is a frontier?

An international border. . The area along an international border. . A region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area. . An undeveloped area or field for discovery o (MORE)

What was the new frontier?

The New Frontier legislative program was introduced during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. It brought in new economic and social legislation, such as housing and minimum wa (MORE)
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How do you you get to the battle frontier?

Well in HG and SS you need to beat the elite four. When you do this you then need to beat all the gyms in Kanto witch is to the right. After you do that you go to the city wit (MORE)

Do you have frontier?

If you ask, "Do you have frontier?" it really cant be answered the same. People might have Time Warner Cable or something. If one person answers another might disagree. The an (MORE)

What is the cattle frontier?

The development of the railroad made it profitable to raise cattle on the Great Plains. In 1860, some five-million longhorn cattle grazed in the Lone Star state. Cattle th (MORE)
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What is a gesture frontier?

An "Gesture Frontier" is a place within a particular region where one gesture stops an another begins.
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How do you get into the battle frontier?

go to the left of olivine city and go down there will be water. dont surf but go to the far left the there will be a entrence above beat the all johto and kanto badges you hav (MORE)