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What is a gesture frontier?

An "Gesture Frontier" is a place within a particular region where one gesture stops an another begins.

What is a frontier?

   An international border.  The area along an international border.    A region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area.  An undeveloped area or field for d (MORE)
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Why is the Japanese Digimon Frontier different from the English Digimon Frontier?

It is not exclusve to Digimon, pretty much any anime suffer some  changes when they are dubbed, mostly due to cultural differences  between Japan and other countries. There (MORE)

Who handles advertising for Frontier Airlines?

The iconic and award winning advertising campaign for Frontier Airlines was done by Grey Advertising, a large international ad agency headquartered in New York. Grey won the a (MORE)

When did the frontier close?

Not long after the Oklahoma land rush the government announced in the 1890 census that the frontier no longer existed.
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Can the clutch on 1998 Frontiers be adjusted?

Answer . Most Nissan trucks with manual transmissions, since the early 1980s, have hydraulic clutches which are auto adjusting. If the slave cylinder goes bad it may seem t (MORE)

New Frontier domestic program?

President Kennedy's New Frontier program contained several domestic  bills. Unemployment benefits were expanded, funding was sent so  cities that was earmarked for housing a (MORE)