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What was ancient corinth education like?

The importance of education in daily life is very essential to develop skills and competencies, which when implemented in day to day life and improves the quality of life of a (MORE)

What was ancient Sparta education like?

Girls were taught reading and writing. They were expected to take part in athletic events like foot racing. Male and females were expected to have a perfect body. The girls we (MORE)

What was a typical education in Ancient Greece?

Boys were the only ones who got a real education. they first learned from their mothers, then their fathers, then they went off to a school.
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Where were ancient roman slaves educated?

The majority of slaves in the Roman Empire were either defeated  enemies or simply bought and sold. Most of them were put to work as  farm hands or in other forms of unskill (MORE)

What education did ancient megara?

Boys attended school at ages 7-14 and study things like poetry, drama, reading and writing, science, math, and music. Girls were home schooled by the parents or slaves
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What are the aims of education in ancient period?

the aims of education in ancient period is to attain mokti or nirbana that is salvation.
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How were children educated in ancient Rome?

Wealthy children [including middle class families] could have a tutor, often a Greek slave, who would teach the basics - history, arithmetic, poetry, astronomy, etc. There wer (MORE)

What was education like in ancient Roman?

A child's primary educators were likely to be his or her own parents. Parents taught their children the skills necessary for living in the early Republic, namely agricultural, (MORE)

What did the ancient Romans do for education?

Education was very important to the elites. Their children went through three stages of education, and the children of very rich people had private tuition at home. Children o (MORE)