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What causes frost?

Frost usually forms when a surface cools through loss of heat to atemperature which is colder than the dewpoint of the air in contact(and around it) and the surface itself has (MORE)
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What is frost?

a white coating of ice crystals usally formed at night on the ground, similar to snow.
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What is efficient refrigerator the no frost or the frost?

A frost free refrigerator is not energy efficient. The mostefficient refrigerators are the modern type but the ones that havea manual defrost. The mechanism that keeps the fre (MORE)
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How do frost dragons breathe frost?

Dragons breathe anything using the magic flowing throught the things around them. They're like magicians (The real ones, not the crappy Vegas ones) except they usually channel (MORE)
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Why do you have frost?

Like in spring and summer, we have dew, in winter if the dew freezes we have frost. Also, when hot air and cold air meet, you get frost, or dew, I think. 1. is correct (most l (MORE)
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How do you lick frosting?

you stick out your tongue and make a licking motion to see more type in how to lick
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Who was Mary Frost?

She is a Ten1\2 girl. 4"7",and has black hair and black/brown eyes. She goes to the Wheaton Christian Grammer School and is a CHRISTIAN. It you are not a Christian you should (MORE)
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How does a frost boss frost machinework?

it doesn't the four blade fans are renowned for flying apart at the gearbox because they don't incorporate a teeter hub A frost fan works by bringing down the inversion layer (MORE)
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What is lip frosting for?

If you mean the one produced by Smackers, it's a lip gloss with frosting flavor.
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How do you get frosting thicker?

To make butter cream frosting thicker you should put it in the fridge, or beat it in a bowl over (not in) ice, or mix in a little more butter. If it is egg-white frosting put (MORE)