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How do frost dragons breathe frost?

Dragons breathe anything using the magic flowing throught the things around them. They're like magicians (The real ones, not the crappy Vegas ones) except they usually channel (MORE)
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Why do you have frost?

Like in spring and summer, we have dew, in winter if the dew freezes we have frost. Also, when hot air and cold air meet, you get frost, or dew, I think. 1. is correct (most l (MORE)
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Who is CF Frost?

Charles Frost--or Chuck, as we like to call him--is a real person. He was an account executive for the advertising firm of Ogilvy & Mather, which put together the original "Do (MORE)

What is frost shatter?

Frost weathering is a collective name for several mechanical weathering processes induced by stresses created by the freezing of water into ice. The term serves as an umbrell (MORE)
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How does a frost boss frost machinework?

it doesn't the four blade fans are renowned for flying apart at the gearbox because they don't incorporate a teeter hub A frost fan works by bringing down the inversion layer (MORE)
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What is frost Nixon about?

Directed by Oscar-winner Ron Howard, "Frost/Nixon" is a 2008 behind-the-scenes drama about British television host David Frost's one-on-one TV interviews with former President (MORE)
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How does frost get on the ground?

what happens is it rains and the temperature might be low so itmight be cold and when it's done raining the rain freezes and turnsin to snow