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Does honey have fructose?

Yes, honey has fructose. On average, liquid honey contains about 38% fructose. It can also be used by food and beverage manufacturers in a dry form, which increases the fructo (MORE)

Why is fructose used?

Fructose as an ingredient or a 'sugar' replacement in your coffee or tea is normally consumed by diabetic sufferers. This is because it has a lower glycaemic index than sucros (MORE)

Structure of fructose?

Fructose has the same chemical formula as glucose, the most common sugar in foods, but a different arrangement of the atoms gives it somewhat different properties.

Fructose is found in?

Fructose is a sugar found in many foods such as Honey, tree fruits, berries, melons.    Some root vegetables also contain significant amounts of the fructose derivative (MORE)
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Is fructose bad for you?

  Only when it's extracted and concentrated as a food sweetener (then it's VERY bad).   Fructose is in many fruits and vegetables that are quite good for you.
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What is fructose solution?

fructose has same molecular formula but different structural formula. but the amount of sweetness of fructose is much much greater than glucose or sucrose. so the fructose sol (MORE)