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What are fruits?

Fruits are the ovaries of flowering plants, and the means by which flowering plants disseminate seeds. Many fruits have developed to propagate by having animals eat them and t (MORE)

How do you can fruit?

Fruits are generally turned into jams/jelly/chutneys and other preserves. You must follow an exact recipe and process in order for them to set up correctly and to prevent bact (MORE)
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What is a fruite?

There are many different fruits(fruite). A fruit is defined as a sweet, fleshy product of a tree or plant with a seed inside. To know which of the following is not a fruit we (MORE)
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How are fruits fruits?

Fruit contain seeds within the body of the fruit, like watermelon, strawberries and tomatoes. Other vegetables have seeds that grow separately, like grain (the seed _IS_ the e (MORE)
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Why is a fruit a fruit?

The fruit is that comes from trees that continue to give fruits seasonally while the trees are still alive and available.