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How do you get to Fuchsia City?

Talk to the Snorlax which blocks your way to Route 12 or Cycling Road; it will ask you if you want to use the PokeFlute. You get the PokeFlute from the old man in the Lavender (MORE)

What is a fuchsia?

Fuchsias are a type of usually small flowering shrub with a wide range of beautiful hybrids in colors ranging from white, pinks, purples, reds, and orange. The graceful flower (MORE)

What color is fuchsia?

Fushia is a very bright and lively deep pink colour also called Magenta or Brilliant Rose In RGB coding it is: (255, 0, 255) or #FF00FF
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How do you spell fuchsia?

Fuchsia : a shrub with pendulous tubular flowers - typically of two contrasting colours - named in honour of Leonard Fuchs.
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Is a fuchsia perennial?

Fuchsia is only a perennial if you live in hardiness zones 9-11. They are grown as annuals in all other zones.