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How do you get to Fuchsia City?

Talk to the Snorlax which blocks your way to Route 12 or Cycling Road; it will ask you if you want to use the PokeFlute. You get the PokeFlute from the old man in the Lavender (MORE)

What is a fuchsia?

Fuchsias are a type of usually small flowering shrub with a wide range of beautiful hybrids in colors ranging from white, pinks, purples, reds, and orange. The graceful flower (MORE)

What color is fuchsia?

Fushia is a very bright and lively deep pink colour also called Magenta or Brilliant Rose In RGB coding it is: (255, 0, 255) or #FF00FF
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Is a fuchsia perennial?

Fuchsia is only a perennial if you live in hardiness zones 9-11. They are grown as annuals in all other zones.
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What is fuchsia os?

Fuchsia os is Google's new operating system which works on modernphones and Fuchsia os uses its own kernel "Magenta" insted of linuxwhich uses in android and in future Fuchsia (MORE)