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You lead a group or you led a group?

It depends on what tense you want it in. I lead a group is present, or you can use it for future as well as in: I will lead. If you want it to be past tense (the most common f (MORE)

What is pressure group?

Pressure groups are also known as interest groups, which is a structural grouping that seeks to influence government policy or government actions. They differ from a political (MORE)

In group theory what is a group generator?

In abstract algebra, a generating set of a group G is a subset S such that every element of G can be expressed as the product of finitely many elements of S and their inverses (MORE)
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What is a control group and an experimental group?

A control group is not provided any treatment, while the experimental group is the one to which a treatment is applied. The control and experimental groups are chosen to be (MORE)

What are the 2 groups that sculptures are grouped?

  They are Categories and Styles. Under Styles there are   * Abstract  * Realistic  * Stylised   Under Categories there are   * Architectural  * Commemorative (MORE)

How do you do group in Facebook?

first you look on the other side of the chats you will find 2 people standing next to each other you will click on it then the view will come to your groups above it you'll fi (MORE)
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Is group an adjective?

Yes, it may be considered one when used with nouns: a group discussion, group effort. However, this is not quite distinct from other nouns which are used as adjuncts (e.g. t (MORE)

What is group nesting?

Groups can be nested within other groups. The advantage of group nesting is that it requires less work when assigning privileges and permissions MCSA Certification.For example (MORE)