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Is Whale Shark a whale or a shark?

A whale shark is a shark, the largest living fish in the world,  yet it is a filter feeder.   Even though it doesnt have the same diet as a shark, it is a shark.   (MORE)
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Where is whales?

Do you mean Wales? It sounds the same as whales, but spelled differently. Wales is part of the United Kingdom in Europe, just west of England. If you meant whales. Whales are (MORE)

Why are whale sharks sharks not whales?

1) Whales are mammals and do not have gills, they come to the surface to breathe. 2) Whale Sharks have gills and as other sharks receive oxygen through the water. 3) Whale (MORE)

Are Killer Whales whales?

Orcinus Orca, an apex predator, is the largest of the Delphinidae Family, but their Suborder Odontoceti identifies them as "toothed whales" and their Order Cetacea identifies (MORE)

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