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Fugative Slave act?

I believe that the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 stated that any fugitive slave caught ( even if caught in a free territory) should be immediately returned to it's owner.
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Where does fugative live?

he lives in waltham abbey,Essex and georgie Lou is going to find him and well ya'know:)
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When is fugatives birthday?

12th April xxx Sorry but it's the 11th March!! His so PENG......... sTICKS AND STONES IS DA BEST SONG EVA...XX
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What is fail id fug ma?

Failure of Fugitive To Give is when a person is pulled over by a cop and they give false info to them because there is a id fug an arrest charge f (MORE)
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Who sings crush with fugative?

1 crush is were it is crushcrushcrush and the other is crush by Selena Gomez and another by fugative which is just cruish aswell