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What is the formal structure of a fugue in music?

Fugue . In music, a form of composition in which the basic principle is imitative counterpoint of several voices.. Its main elements are: . (1) a theme, or subject, stat (MORE)

Is fugu dangerous?

Fugu, known in the West as Japanese Puffer or Blowfish, is one of several types of fish species from that family that are eaten as sushi - raw fish. The puffer has a very dea (MORE)

What does Fugue mean?

ANSWER:   Its the name of a piece of organ music Written by Bach between 1703 and 1707. See the related links for more information.
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What is the main theme of a fugue?

The main theme of a fugue is easy to identify because it appears alone at the beginning of the piece. It varies in length from a few notes to a few measures. Then the theme wi (MORE)
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What form of music is the fugue?

The fugue is a music form perfected by J. S. Bach. Compare it with a typical song. A song is a single melody, and the accompaniment provides harmonic structure and some kind o (MORE)

Who wrote Art of the Fugue?

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). He left it unfinished at his  death, although it wasn't the last piece he was working on. Along  with his slightly earlier A Musical Offer (MORE)

Is fugu poisonous?

Yes, fugu is poisonous, but if prepared properly then it is safe to  eat.
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