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Who is Michael Sheen and Martin Sheen what is relation?

Michael Sheen is an actor from Wales UK. He is known for his role as Aro in the twilight film series Lucian in the Underworld films as well as for his performances as David Fr (MORE)

Who is Charlie Sheen?

He is an American actor who has played parts in films such as "The Wraith," "Wall Street," and "Major League."
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What does Janet Sheen do?

Janet Templeton Estevez(Sheen) is the wife of Martin Sheen, actor. She is the mother of Emilio Estevez, Ramon Estevez, Carlos Estevez (Charlie Sheen) and Renee Estevez. All th (MORE)
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Who is Janet Sheen?

Janet Sheen in the wife of actor Martin Sheen and the mother of their four children, Emilio, Charlie, Ramon and Renee. She was an art student in New York when she met aspiring (MORE)

What is oil sheen?

  Oil on top of water will settle as a thin layer, and the thickness of the layer will, due to an optical phenomena called interference, cause the thin layer to shimmer in (MORE)