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Is Toontown Fun?

Well if you are looking for a fun thing to play then yes it is Really fun especially for kids, the point of the game is to help toontown from the evil cogs trying to take over (MORE)

What do Australians do for fun?

Australians love to play beach sports, go surfing [ where do you think the word " narly" came from ], play football/rugby and enjoy cricket. One is probably drink FOSTER'S. it (MORE)

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How do you have fun?

You can have fun by working on hobbies, hanging out with friends and listening to favorite music, as well as numerous other games and activities. Sports and other physical act (MORE)
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Why is science fun?

Because you are able to learn about your body systems, and biology,You get to understand how the world worksWhat your place in the world isHow we know about our planet and the (MORE)

Why is math fun?

Math is fun because it's instinctual to humans. Numbers are everywhere: Five fingers, two feet, one nose! Some people don't find math fun, but everyone uses math.
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Why is abseiling fun?

Abseiling is fairly physically easy and extremely mentally challenging. One thing that is a great benefit about abseiling is it can be made as gentle or as challenging based o (MORE)
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Why is baking fun?

Many people enjoy baking because the process is pleasurable, with fragrant, tactile ingredients, a pleasant working environment, and delicious, satisfying results that bring p (MORE)
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Is headshaving fun?

yes it is fun having the old uzzing sound clip off your hair but after the haircut is the most fun the feeling of the buzzcut and everyone else wants to feel it too