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How do you have fun?

You can have fun by working on hobbies, hanging out with friends and listening to favorite music, as well as numerous other games and activities. Sports and other physical act ( Full Answer )
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How can you have fun?

play a game, or go outside, its easy to have fun do something you love to do!!!!$$$ vote for me babygirl310!!!
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What is fun?

"Fun" is something enjoyable or pleasurable. For example (used as a noun), "he's having fun at the park tomorrow." "Fun" can also be used as an adjective ( riding a fun ro ( Full Answer )
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What can you do for fun?

you can watch movies, play games, call your friends got to the mall with some friends, go to a friends house, sleep. anything that u think is fun that entertain you
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Are you fun?

depends on your definition of fun everyone has a different view on it . depends on your definition of fun everyone has a different view on it . Yes, I am a very fun person. ( Full Answer )
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How to have fun?

I'm a miserable old so-and-so who does not believe in fun. It's overrated so don't bother.
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Fun is what to you?

Fun to me is being with my best friend and going to the movies to see a horror movie, and then having pizza later, and then shopping all day and then having dinner at night.
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What can do for fun?

Go bowling, movies, mall, go-karting hang out with friends draw write read a good book
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What do you do to have fun?

Run around at the park with my friends. Even though it may look childish because I'm almost 18, its still a lot of fun and its great exercise.
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What is there to do for fun?

It all depends on what you have to do. What do you like to do? What kind of mood are you in? What is the weather like outside? How old are you? If you can answer all of those ( Full Answer )