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What do dogs do for fun?

Dogs usually like to play with squeaky toys. They also play tug of war and like to play fight wih other dogs. They enjoy being pet too. You can teach them tricks. Dogs like to (MORE)

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How do you have fun?

You can have fun by working on hobbies, hanging out with friends and listening to favorite music, as well as numerous other games and activities. Sports and other physical act (MORE)
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What do pygmies do for fun?

weaving works such as mats, panniers, baskets, and rattles. gather wild fruit, tubers, and plant fibers, large leaves, firewood, and wood from rainforests' root. cook and prep (MORE)
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Why is surfing fun?

My favourite sport is surfing. I have only been surfing for 2 years but I love the feeling of catching a wave. My favourite part is that nobody can tell you how to do it. I kn (MORE)

Why is paintball fun?

Paintball differs for each person but by and large people get a  large adrenalin rush off of playing so they have a lot of fun. It  differs from sports like laser tag as the (MORE)

What do the Vietnamese do for fun?

During the war, the kids played (laughing, running, probably hide and seek type games, chasing balls, etc.). Adults were busy working, however, during late night patrols and a (MORE)

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