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Function of demultiplexer?

A demultiplexer is a circuit. It has one input but more than one  output. A demultiplexer gives binary information from one end to  another. It is used to connect a single s (MORE)
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What are the functions of a diplomat?

Functions of diplomacy or diplomatic mission are FOLLOWING: 1. Reporting 2. Negotiation REPORTING: Reporting involves the observation of political, economic, social and mil (MORE)

What is function overloading or function polymorphism?

Actually, overloading and polymorphism are two different things. Overloading is when two different functions of the same name but of different parameter types co-exist. The (MORE)

What is the function of a pencil?

the function of a pencil is to write with out getting your hands  dirty and to be able to write on paper instead of stone.
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What is the function of acetone?

Acetone has various functions. It can be used as a powerful solvent for cleaning beakers, desks etc. It can have dry ice added to it in order to cool a reaction down to ap (MORE)

Is recursive function a repeating function?

A recursive function does have an element of repetition. However, it should never repeat its actions verbatim - or this would create an infinite recursion. A recursive fun (MORE)

The function of the operator is to?

Operators and Operator Functions : An operator function implements a particular operator symbol. The database serverprovides special SQL-invoked functions, called operatorfu (MORE)
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What are the functions of a ligament?

Ligaments are strong, flexible bands (or cords) of dense regular  fibrous connective tissue that hold bones firmly together at the  joints, but are elastic enough to allow (MORE)