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What is Function?

1. An action performed by a device, department, or person that produces a result. Function remains more or less fixed whereas the purpose (which indicates intention or objecti (MORE)

Function of the sternum?

The sternum protects the vital area right above your heart and lungs. It completes the rib cage, since the first to the seventh rib is connected to it by coastal cartilage.
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What are the functions of a diplomat?

Functions of diplomacy or diplomatic mission are FOLLOWING: 1. Reporting 2. Negotiation REPORTING: Reporting involves the observation of political, economic, social and mil (MORE)

Is recursive function a repeating function?

A recursive function does have an element of repetition. However, it should never repeat its actions verbatim - or this would create an infinite recursion. A recursive fun (MORE)

What is function overloading or function polymorphism?

Actually, overloading and polymorphism are two different things. Overloading is when two different functions of the same name but of different parameter types co-exist. The (MORE)

What is the virtual function and friend function?

Virtual Function A virtual function is a class method that is intended to be overridden by derived classes. This is achieved be preceding the function declaration with the key (MORE)
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Is the cosine function an odd function?

 No. Cosine, along with sec, is an even function. The odd  functions are sin, tan, csc, and cot. The reason for this is  because is you take the opposite of the y-value fo (MORE)