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What are the functional foods?

Functional foods have a potentially positive effect on health  beyond the basic nutrition the body needs to survive. They can  promote good health and reduce the risk of som (MORE)

What are the function of seven basic foods?

1) Carbohydrates Carbohydrates provide essential nutrients for the function of the brain, central nervous system and muscles. They are the chief source of energy for all bo (MORE)
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What are the functions of food?

Food provides organisms with nutrition for:   1.Growth   2.Energy   3.Enzymes   4.Repair of damaged tissues   5.Reproduction    Food also gives plea (MORE)
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What is function of go foods?

go foods are necessary in providing us energy. Go foods contains carbohydrates which is found in rice(what Filipinos commonly eat),bread,and camote or sweet potatoes.

What is the function of milk in food cookery?

It acts as a 'liquifier" in batters etc... that need to be thinned out. It is used as a 'softener' in breadmaking - i.e the resulting loaves have a softer texture if milk is u (MORE)

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