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What is the importance of fundamental rights?

Fundamental Rights allow a person to live in the society. Their importance can be described as follows-:They ensure all such freedoms which makes the life of a citizen happy a (MORE)

How are fundamental rights are essential?

Fundamental rights are essential because when you are deprived of those rights, you are going to be very unhappy about it (or dead). Those governments which do not respect hum (MORE)
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Why are fundamental rights called fundamental?

fundamental means basic or in other words it is the bare minimum rights required for any citizen to grow or reach his maximum growth potential physically, culturally , emotion (MORE)

Is the right to privacy a Fundamental Right?

The US Constitution does not explicitly grant privacy rights, or many other "rights." Individuals have inherent rights which include the right to life, liberty, happiness and (MORE)

What are fundamental rights of Americans as compared with Indian fundamental rights?

 Answer   I am not familiar with the Indian constitution so I can not speak to Indian rights. The fundamental American rights though, are spelled out explicitly in th (MORE)

What are fundamental rights?

  Fundamental Rights is a charter of rights contained  in the Constitution of India. It guarantees civil liberties such  that all Indians can lead their lives in peace a (MORE)

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