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What is fundamentalism?

Fundamentalism refers to a belief in a strict adherence to a set ofbasic principles (often religious in nature), sometimes as areaction to perceived doctrinal compromises with (MORE)

What is fundamental about the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus?

Calculus consists of two main topics -- differentiation and integration. Differentiation is concerned with 'rates of change', for example the rate at which the position of a m (MORE)
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What is a fundament?

The word "fundamental" applies to a basic part of a tenet or policy, using the secondary definition of "foundation or support".. However, the root meaning of "FUNDAMENT" is " (MORE)

What are the fundamentals of war?

In his book, The Art of War (surviving since the 6th century BC as one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy), Sun Tzu revealed five fundamentals of w (MORE)

What is Biblical fundamentalism?

Biblical fundamentalism refers to the strict adherence of the 5 major fundamentals of Bible teaching: 1. Inerrency of the Bible, 2. Virgin Birth of Christ, 3. The Diety (MORE)
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What is a fundamental particle?

A fundamental particle (elementary particle) is one that is not made up of other particles. An electron is a good example of a fundamental particle. On the other hand, protons (MORE)

Why are fundamental rights called fundamental?

fundamental means basic or in other words it is the bare minimum rights required for any citizen to grow or reach his maximum growth potential physically, culturally , emotion (MORE)
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Why fundamental right called fundamental?

The meaning of "fundamental" is - of or relating to the foundation or base, of great significance. Knowing this makes it obvious - "fundamental" rites are those that are th (MORE)