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What is a funeral director?

Hi there. A funeral director is basically a person who is licensed to handle funerals. The tasks involve preparing the body for viewing and burial, working with bereaved famil (MORE)

What is funeral?

A Funeral is when a person has died you take them to a church and bury them in a coffin or send them to be cremated which means Being burnt after singing hymns and and reading (MORE)

Who has to pay for a funeral?

In the UK the funeral is normally paid from the deceased's estate or life insurance. If this is not possible then a family member or friend will usually pay but are not oblige (MORE)
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What do Sikhs do in a funeral?

Sikhs attending a funeral do not speak and silently chant the Gurbani recited during the rituals till the body is put to the pyre.
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What is a Pauper's Funeral?

Social and religious rules mean that a funeral and disposal of a dead body is mandatory. Historically, not everybody could afford a funeral, so there was the most basic where (MORE)

What if you can not afford a funeral?

The average full blown funeral can cost up to 12K up front if you go directly to a funeral home. You can cut costs on products such as caskets by shopping on line. Funeral hom (MORE)

What is a funeral home and funeral directors?

There came a time when families no longer wanted to "Sit up" at the wake. This is a time when the family/friends would sit up all night long with the corpse before the funeral (MORE)

What do you do after a funeral?

Take some time out!   You have been through a very stressful period and you need some  time to rebuild.Your health is very important so get plenty of  exercise like walk (MORE)

Why is a funeral called a funeral?

The word Funeral evolved from the Latin word 'funus,'. It was almost a catch-all term which included the corpse and the rites associated with the death. In the 15th Century, t (MORE)