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What is a fungi?

Fungi is the word used to describe a whole group of organisms, just like "animals", "plants" or "bacteria". In fungi we can find mushrooms, toadstools, yeasts, molds and more. (MORE)

What are fungi?

In Biology there are six or five kingdoms (kingdom is a taxonomic rank) and Fungus is one of them. Fungi are eukaryotic organisms that includes both micro and macro organisms. (MORE)

How are fungi classified into the fungi kingdom?

True fungi are placed in the Kingdom Fungi, which is divded up into a few phyla: Dikaryomycota, Glomeromycota, Zygomycota, Blastocladiomycota, Neocallimastigomycota, and Chytr (MORE)

Can fungi live on fungi?

Incorrect. Let me give you an explanation why. Mycology is a branch of botany which is dedicated to the study of fungi, such as molds and mushrooms. However, some studies su (MORE)

What can fungi do to you?

Depends what type it is. If it was a poisonous one that would make you SERIOUSLY ill for a while but if it was an edible one (hence the name) it will be edible and if treated (MORE)

Fungi are different from plants in that fungi?

Fungi and plants are in the same domain (Eukarya), but are separate kingdoms. Plants are autotrophs (they make their own food through chemosynthesis or photosynthesis), while (MORE)

What fungi are?

FUNGI: . eukaryotes= their genetic material was enclosed by special envelope, that was called nuclear membrane. . they may multicellular (mushrooms) or unicellular (yeast). (MORE)

What are fungys?

fungies are type of germs from food and soil. It also live in deadplants and dead animals even ling humans if they are do not washtheir body

What fungi are these?

Without being able to see a picture of the fungi, it's impossible to tell what kind they are. One of the best resources to use when trying to find out what type of plant one i (MORE)