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Parliament funkadelic song lyrics?

Search Google for MOTHERPAGE.. Motherpage features a wide array of info, discography and lyrics among other things.. For a P.Funk fan it's a great source of info
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What is the difference between Parliament and Funkadelic?

Parliament-Funkadelic is a funk music collective headed by George Clinton. It specialized in the style of music known as P Funk and performed under the names Parliament and F ( Full Answer )
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What were the names of all the Parliament Funkadelic drummers?

Langston Booth Uriel "Possum" Jones Richard "Pistol" Allen Stacy ? Brad Innis Zachary Frazier Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood Victor Reeves Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins Har ( Full Answer )
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What year did the funkadelics start?

The original 3 members of the group went into the military in 1968. the band started in 64' I believe without a name. The original 3 were replace and named Funkadelic by one o ( Full Answer )
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Who are the members of the band Parliament Funkadelic?

Several members have cycled in and out of Parliament Funkadelic in its 45+ year existence (starting as the Parliaments in 1968). Key members throughout the band's history incl ( Full Answer )
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Funkadelic is the backing band for whom?

Funkadelic was a hybrid funk band formed by George Clinton, rising to prominence in Detroit City, Michigan, USA, around the early 1970's. Funkadelic successfully merged aspect ( Full Answer )
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When did Funkadelic release Maggot Brain?

Maggot Brain was released by Funkadlic in July 1971. The album was the band's third studio album. The album reached number 108 in the Billboard album charts.