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What is the function of funnel?

1. To bring a liquid into a bottle with precision. 2. To realize filtration (separation of the liquid phase from the solid phase)
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What does Funnel mean?

A funnel is a cylindrical tube, often with a wide end and a narrow end.
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Uses of funnels?

Funnels are used for filtering - separation of solids from liquids. Funnels are used to aid in the transfer of liquid from a wide to a narrow necked vessel.
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What is a correctional funnel?

Development of correctional policy involves considering the mission and role, relevant information, and best interests of the public, then deciding what approaches to take to (MORE)
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What is funnel chair?

A chair that has a hose that connects to a person's mouth. The person sits in the chair and poops into the house giving the person on the other end a stinky brown surprise to (MORE)

How do you spell funnell?

The correct spelling is funnel (a pouring aid, ship smokestack, or to pass through slowly).
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Why does a tornado have to be a funnel?

They don't have to be. Tornadoes that form under dry conditions may lack a funnel. Tornadoes usually have funnels because they pull in moist air from other parts of the parent (MORE)