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What is the code to the furnace in aqw?

it dont have a code just pull up the wooden pin on the right side if the screen and it opens
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Why sinter is used in blast furnace?

Sintering has two reasons:   1- You want to put in the blast furnace an homogeneous mix of flux  and mineral.   2- You want something with a lot of pores. So the redu (MORE)

Would you recommend guardian furnaces?

Not on your life! I had the most awful experience with a brand new furnace, bought in July 2010 (100.000 btu high efficiency). The furnace would not light all the burners the (MORE)

What is induction furnace?

An induction furnace is an electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of a conductive medium (usually a metal) in a crucible placed in a water-cooled (MORE)

Where is the furnace high limit located?

Where the high limit is located. It varies from model, and the manufacturer, you may find it on the front panel and will be located above the burners. This can easily be trace (MORE)

Is blast furnace a batch furnace?

A blast furnace runs continuously, and input materials are  continually dumped in at the top to make their way down through the  furnace. Shutting down a blast furnace for r (MORE)

What is the working principle of muffle furnace?

A muffle furnace, is an oven type equipment, that can reach high temperatures. The use of a muffle furnace is to burn off specific types of compounds. For instance, for a stan (MORE)