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What are fusillades?

According to Merriam Webster's: . fusillade . Pronunciation \ˈfyü-sə-ˌläd, -ˌlād, ˌfyü-sə-ˈ, -zə-\ Function noun Etymolog ( Full Answer )
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What is the collective noun for fusillade?

You cannot have a collective noun for a single event. A fusillade is the term for many firearms discharging at the same time. This is a single event. Multiple fusillades plus ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for fusillade?

The word fusillade is a noun, a singular, common noun. A fusillade is a series of shots fired simultaneously or in quick succession or something that gives the effect of a fus ( Full Answer )
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What does the word merciless fusillade mean?

A fusillade is a burst of gunfire (from the French fusil, a rifle). Merciless means without mercy. So a merciless fusillade is a burst of gunfire without mercy. Clearly there ( Full Answer )