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What is your future?

Well, if you want a dictionary response, then your future is the life ahead of you, and what will happen to your life over time. Your future is what you make it, and do not (MORE)

What are futures?

Futures are the contracts between two parties to buy or sell a specified asset of standardized quantity and quality for a price agreed upon today (the futures price or strik (MORE)
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What is a future?

A future is the present you dont never know whats going tohappen so why even predict it

What is futuring?

Futuring is a way to look at past events or trends to predict or prevent future events. Governments use it, businesses use it, anybody can use it. We sure don't want histor (MORE)
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How will be your future?

its up to you.. your futuer is what you make it and thet depends on whatever decisions you make.. if you love someone...TELL THEM. if you hate some one.... SORT IT!!. you (MORE)

When is the future?

A fraction of a second before us, in time!! Especially with (computer) products being invented around the world; now somewhere else a product is being devised that is about (MORE)

What is in my future?

Not even self proclaimed fortune tellers can really tell you what is in each person's future and it would be sad if all of us knew everything that would happen in our lives as (MORE)
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What is the future of 'was'?

I shall be You shall be He/She shall be We shall be You shall be They shall be