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What is a future?

A future is the present you dont never know whats going to  happen so why even predict it 
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What is the future of coal?

There will be no future for coal. It is an old, dangerous and polluting fuel, contributing seriously to global warming. It will soon be overtaken by clean renewable energy, ba (MORE)

What is futuring?

Futuring is a way to look at past events or trends to predict or prevent future events. Governments use it, businesses use it, anybody can use it. We sure don't want histor (MORE)

What is the future of IT?

The future of IT may be that IT as we know it no longer exists. The advent of very low cost high speed Internet access has opened the door to Cloud computing being a viable re (MORE)
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What is the future tense?

The future tense(s) indicate action taking place in the future. Not all future tenses can be used for the same statement. Future Tense - I will work next week. Future Cont (MORE)
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What is the future tense of get?

The future tense is:    will get -- We will get some bread.   am/is/are going to get -- We are going to get some bread.   am/is/are getting -- I am getting some (MORE)
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What is the future tense of had?

Will have. I will have a sandwich thanks. going to have - We are going to have a party for my birthday am/is/are having + time phrase - They are having a party on the week (MORE)
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What is future tense for did?

will do Did is the past tense of do. Do is used in the future tense. will do I will do my assignment tomorrow going to do She is going to do her assignment tonight. (MORE)