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What is a future?

A future is the present you dont never know whats going to  happen so why even predict it 
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What will be your future?

Only you can decide that by what you do. To a great extent our choices shape our future and how we react decides what we do. Yes, there are forces out of our control, but for (MORE)

What is the future of IT?

The future of IT may be that IT as we know it no longer exists. The advent of very low cost high speed Internet access has opened the door to Cloud computing being a viable re (MORE)

When is the future?

A fraction of a second before us, in time!! Especially with (computer) products being invented around the world; now somewhere else a product is being devised that is about (MORE)

What is in my future?

Not even self proclaimed fortune tellers can really tell you what is in each person's future and it would be sad if all of us knew everything that would happen in our lives as (MORE)

How can you get future?

Future can be made by your present deeds. As Swami Vivekanandaexclaimed "Excel by your present activities and the Future will bein your hands".
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