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What are fuwa?

They are the five mascots, each associated with a ring of the Olympic flag, of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Click on the 'Fuwa' link below to see pictures of them ( Full Answer )
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Which one of fuwa carries the blessing of the heart?

You know? Each of the Fuwa represents a different blessing, but in what I have read there is no mention of the heart. The five blessings are prosperity, happiness, passion, he ( Full Answer )
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What do the Five Fuwas look like?

the five fuwa's names and colours are Bei Bei (Blue)Jing Jing (black)Huan Huan( red) Ying Ying(yellow) and Ni Ni (green)
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What does each fuwa doll mean?

\nThe name of the dolls "Fuwa Dolls" means "Good Luck Dolls", but the dolls don't mean anything except when you put their names together to say "Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni" it mean ( Full Answer )
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What do each Fuwa represent?

Each Fuwa represents an ideal and a group of sports. Beibei - Prosperity / Aquatic Sports Jingjing - Happiness / Weightlifting, Judo, etc. Huanhuan - Passion / Ball and ( Full Answer )
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Are the fuwas really cursed?

No because the fuwa's are sweet mascots and apart of being the five famous mascots.
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What movie and television projects has Mansaku Fuwa been in?

Mansaku Fuwa has: Played Kosugi in "Hanare goze Orin" in 1977. Played Jiro Takahashi in "Namidabashi" in 1983. Played Chibi Masa in "Marusa no onna 2" in 1988. Played Printing ( Full Answer )