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What does argent 925 plaque or G 20 M on a Cartier whatch mean?

Plaque is Plated, 925 means 925 Silver and is G 20M is 20 microns or "thickness" of the plating. The same would apply for Gold plating
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What does the acrynym G O M A R stand for?

General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, or an administrative censure or written "chewing out" by a general officer given to a soldier for a failure to comply with established (MORE)

What is the difference between G code and M code in CNC programming?

Generally G codes are writen in and performed by the CNC processor and operate the motion control part of the control, the M codes are MACHINE codes, these operate most of the (MORE)

Does olive garden's food have M S G in it?

I can not say for SURE but... I have eaten twice at the Olive Garden in MA and both times I came home with a headache and an overwhelming feeling of anxiousnous. So bad I coul (MORE)

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Differences between g m food and normal food?

  GM food is genetically modified food. It is also referred to as genetically engineered, gmo, or ge food. The changes made to the plants or the seeds are done by scient (MORE)

What does k g d m d c m stand for?

 K stands for 'Kilo', which means 1,000.  G stands for 'Giga', which means 1,000,000,000.  D stands for 'Deca', which means 10.  d stands for 'deci', which means 1/10th. (MORE)