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How did Jeff Kinney became famous?

Jeff Kinney started his hobby as a cartoonist by creating a comic strip called Igdoof for his college's newsletter, The Diamondback. In 2004, Jeff Kinney started posting a we (MORE)

What is the History of the company Parle -G?

    A newspaper once said "Biscuits are like potato chips, you can never stop with one". I never realized this fact until I read this statement in the said newspaper ( (MORE)

What inspired Jeff Kinney to write?

Jeff Kinney originally wanted to be a cartoonist, but no newspapers wanted to pick his comics up for syndication.  He had the idea for a comic about a kid named Greg Heffley (MORE)

Is Taylor Kinney single?

From what I read Lady Gaga gave him the heave hove due to her  touring and her new album. I also heard that her friends are saying  that he wasn't the right one for her caus (MORE)

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What does the company CDW G do?

CDW G provide information technology products and provides services to the government and educational boards, services include, business intelligence, cloud computing, securit (MORE)