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The Gadsden Purchase was fundamentally designed to?

The Gadsden Purchase of 1853, was mainly designed to provide a good  railroad route to California, to transport heavy items such as  mining supplies. One eastern hub was tho (MORE)

What was the Gadsden Purchase?

U.S. purchase of land in southern New Mexico and Arizona south of the Gila River on December 30, 1853. It was purchased to get approval for a southern railroad route to the Pa (MORE)

Why was the Gadsden Purchase made?

This purchase was made to obtain a strip on land over which to build a trans-continental railroad to connect the rest of the US with California.
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How did the US the acquired the gadsden purchase?

After the Mexican-American War, the United States was forced to withdraw their troops from much of the conquered land that makes up modern-day Mexico. After peace was made, Th (MORE)

Why did the Mexico sell the Gadsden purchase?

Mexican president Santa Anna was pressured by James Gadsden, who was the American ambassador in Mexico at the time. Gadsden threatened Santa Anna for another military invasion (MORE)