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What is maria kanellis?

Maria Kanellis is a former professional wrestler, well known for her work with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She accompanies her real life boyfriend Mike Bennett to the (MORE)

What is maria?

Lunar Maria-    'Maria' is a Latin word meaning "seas". The singular form is  mare. They are large, dark, balsaltic plains found on the  surface of the moon. Astronom (MORE)

Is Maria Robotnik Maria the hedgehog?

No. Maria is a human. She was Gerald Robotniks grandaughter and Ivo Robotnik's (Dr. Eggman's) cousin. Maria lived on Space Colony Ark with Shadow the hedgehog and was killed w (MORE)

Who is the lead singer of maria maria?

  The Product G&B is an R&B duo consisting of Sincere (David McRae) and Money Harm (Marvin Moore-Hough). Originally known as "The Product", the two were discovered by Wycl (MORE)

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What are maria on the moon?

The visible surface of the moon is divided into lighter and darker areas. The darker areas are called "Maria," which is the plural of the Latin word for "sea" (mare). These ar (MORE)

What are the lunar maria?

Lunar maria are areas on the moon where volcanic lava has flowed in  the past. It is surmised that they result from asteroid or meteor  strikes followed by volcanic eruption (MORE)