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How do you use gaiety in a sentence?

Dear Reader, Gaiety is a hard word with many confusing meanings, so i will use the user friendly one. Thank You, Anonymous Meaning (Noun) : The state of being happy (MORE)
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A sentence for the word Gaiety?

While the teacher was out of the room, much gaiety and laughter was heard in the classroom.
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What is the definition of the word gaiety?

The definition of the word gaiety is the state or quality of being lighthearted or cheerful. An example of a sentence with the word gaiety is "the gaiety of children's laughte (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Gaiety Girl - 1924?

The cast of The Gaiety Girl - 1924 includes: Grace Darmond as Pansy Gale William Haines as Owen Tudor St. John Otto Hoffman as Evan Evans DeWitt Jennings as John Kershaw Roy L (MORE)