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What are the 5Cs of credit?

5 C's of Credit refer to the factors that lenders of money evaluate to determine credit worthiness of a borrower. They are the following:. 1. Borrower's CHARACTER. 2. Borrow ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gaius Maecenas?

Gaius Maecenas (70BC-8BC) was a rich and powerful Roman and close colleague of Octavian, who became Emperor Augustus. His is best remembered for sponsoring the arts and was pa ( Full Answer )
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Why did Gaius Maecenas invent swimming?

You can Google History of Swimming and click on the third link (wikipedia) and it gives you quite a bit of information about how swimming was invented. I found it quite amus ( Full Answer )
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What does 5c stand for?

The Iphone 5C is Iphone 5Colorful 5c can also stand for thenumber 500 ("c" is the Roman numeral for 100) or for 5 degreesCelsius (centigrade) . +++ . "5c" can not stand fo ( Full Answer )
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What animal is on a 5c coin?

There are multiple animals on 5 cent coins depending on the country and time period such as the Buffalo on the US "buffalo nickel", the Beaver on the Canadian nickel, etc.
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What is -5c plus 9 and how?

You can't tell a thing about -5c+9 until you know what 'c' is. And every time 'c' changes, -5c+9 changes.
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What is 5c in milliliters?

5cc? cc means cubic centimetres which is equal to ml, so 5ml. if you mean cl, then that is equal to 50ml
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What is the answer for 5c equals -75?

The 'answer' is the number that 'c' must be, if 5c is really the same as -75. In order to find out what number that is, you could use 'algebra'. First, write the equatio ( Full Answer )
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What education did gaius maecenas have?

As a member of the elites, Gaius Maecenas received the kind of education reserved for the children of the Roman elites. Children of humble background went to school only unti ( Full Answer )