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Treatment of galactorrhea?

what would be the treatment of galactorrea if the person is taking anti-psychs for autism?
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How is galactorrhea treated?

The drug bromocriptine is often prescribed first to reduce the secretion of prolactin and to decrease the size of pituitary tumors
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What conditions accompany galactorrhea in men?

Men may experience loss of sexual interest and impotence. Headaches and visual disturbances have also been associated with some cases of galactorrhea.
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What is galactorrhea?

the secretion of breast milk in men, or in women who are not breastfeeding an infant.
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What medications can cause galactorrhea?

Hormonal therapies (like oral contraceptives ), drugs for treatment of depression or other psychiatric conditions, tranquilizers, morphine, heroin, and some medications for hi ( Full Answer )
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What tests are conducted in diagnosis of galactorrhea?

a series of computer assisted x rays called a computed tomography scan (CT scan) may be done. Another procedure that may be useful is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)