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Who was galen?

Galen was a Greek doctor who worked in Rome in the 2nd century. his medical knowledge gradually dominated and was still used in the middle ages. he came up with the theory of ( Full Answer )
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What did Galen do?

Galen was a Greek doctor who came up with the theory of opposites and many other ideas.
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Who is galen?

Galen was a Greek physician. He is often considered to be the mostaccomplished medical researcher of his time. He was also known asGalen of Pergamon.
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What was Galen famous for?

Galen became famous in AD162 as a doctor to the Roman emperor. Galen was the teacher of the other doctors. When Galen became an animals surgeon, he cut into the pigs nerve, t ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Galen?

He performed a post mortem on a barbary ape . He was physician to 5 Roman emperors
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What did galen do to a pig?

He discected a pig to show how the brain sends messages to the rest of the body. He also showed how a pig makes that sreeching noise, by cutting a tube or something that mad ( Full Answer )
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Where did galen come from?

Galen was a Greek physician who practised in Rome during the latter half of the second century. So depending upon your definition of "come from" you could answer Greece or Ro ( Full Answer )
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What was the importance of galen?

most of the theories from the middle ages about your body came from Galen. For some of his theories he was corrected. some of these corrections were made in the Renaissance su ( Full Answer )
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Who was Galen and what did he accomplish?

He advanced the study of anatomy and physiology by careful dissection and observation. Although not in need of money (he had a private income) he accepted the lowly position o ( Full Answer )
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What is galenism?

I believe you may be referring to the doctrine of humors, propounded by Galen the physician. It holds that illness can be understood as an unbalance of four bodily fluids (one ( Full Answer )