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Who was galen?

Galen was a Greek doctor who worked in Rome in the 2nd century. his medical knowledge gradually dominated and was still used in the middle ages. he came up with the theory of (MORE)
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Who is galen?

Galen was a Greek physician. He is often considered to be the most  accomplished medical researcher of his time. He was also known as  Galen of Pergamon.
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What was Galens discovery?

Galen's most famous discovery was the discovery that our body is controlled by nerves from our brain rather than popular belief at the time that our body is controlled by our (MORE)
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What did galen emphasize?

a greek doctor named GALEN brought many medical ideas to rome. for example he emphasizes the importance of ANATOMY,the study of body structure.

Who is Galen Rupp?

Galen Rupp is an American long distance runner. He is the 16th fastest athlete in the 10000 meter (10K) run. He holds the American record in the event with a time of 26:48.00. (MORE)

What is galenism?

I believe you may be referring to the doctrine of humors, propounded by Galen the physician. It holds that illness can be understood as an unbalance of four bodily fluids (one (MORE)