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Who is the angel of the LORD?

Many believe the angel of the LORD (Yahweh)/the angel of God who appeared to many at times throughout the Old Testament is in fact Jesus Christ. The angel (which can be transl (MORE)

Who is the Lord of Crofton?

The current Lord of Crofton is Dr. Albert Allen international  commercial property investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist  having been bestowed to him at birth. The title (MORE)

What is the lords prayer?

The actual model prayer (Lord's prayer) was given by Jesus at (Matthew 6:9-13) There are two slightly different versions, here is the one used by most English churches (unle (MORE)

Who was the lord in 'Lord of the Flies'?

The lord is Simon's hallucination of the pig's head talking. but it comes from the greek word "beelzebub" which also means devil. Some people also think that it refers to some (MORE)

What is equisearch inc?

  Its an Asset recovery firm- They deal with getting unclaimed stocks back to the owners.
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The stock market is one of the more intimidating subjects in all of personal finance. You may want to get into the stock market, but are hesitant because you don't understand (MORE)

What is a lord?

The lords were members of the nobility between the monarchs, who were at the top and included emperors and kings and sometimes princes, and the knights, who were at the bottom (MORE)

What does inc stand for?

Inc. stands for Incorporated. Normally used in business terms. For an example: Example Inc. or Example Co. (Co. stands for company) Hope thhis helped!
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Who is lord durham?

Lord Durham was John George Lambto and he was the first Earl of  Durham. He was a colonial administrator, and a high commissioner.
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What is Prescorps Inc?

It is a scam, not a real company. DO NOT deposit their check (it will bounce) and do not send them any money via western union or cashiers check. They bank on you sending them (MORE)