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What did Galileo Galilei did?

A great Italian astronomer and physicist, renowned for his epoch-making contributions to physics, astronomy, and scientific philosophy. In 1610, he was among the first to use (MORE)
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Who was Galileo Galilei?

A famous Italian scientist and astronomer who proved that allobjects revolve around the sun, not the earth. He supported NicolasCopernicus's theory. He invented the refractor (MORE)

Why was Galileo Galilei a Renaissance man?

1. He was an Italian scientist, philosopher, astronomer, physicist, and mathematician. I consider him to be a renaissance man because he excelled at many different endeavors, (MORE)
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Was Galileo Galilei married?

Galileo galilei was not married he ust made a really good relationship with a woman named maria gamba and they had children with out gettng married.

Why was Galileo galilei arrested?

Galileo was arrested because he was teaching the Copernican map of the solar system, which went directly against the church.
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Where was Galileo Galilei when he discovered Saturn?

Galileo worked in Italy. He did not discover Saturn, it was known  to ancient astronomers, but he discover the rings, with his  telescope.   He wanted to keep the discov (MORE)

Who is Galileo Galilei and what did he do?

Galileo Galilei was a physicist and an astronomer. He proved hat the heliocentric universe was correct, not the geocentric universe, with his telescope that he invented. Galil (MORE)