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Who is lyle dressler?

Lyle Dressler is the guy that invented the flying Manta Ray Kite that was popular until it was banned due to too many deaths and injuries. He invented it as a inflatable wind (MORE)

What is the best Rory Gallagher album?

Irish Tour. Just get it and listen; here's justification for that advice: most fans agree that he was at his best performing live, and this 1974 recording is regarded as his b (MORE)

Is Lyle Mays making new music?

No, not of late. He feels he's already done what is inside of him.  Many feel this is such a waste of talent. Metheny wanted to create  new music with him with another PMG r (MORE)
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Who was Liam Gallagher married to?

He was married to Patsy Kensit from 1997-2000 who he had a son with called Lennon, he then married Nicole Appleton in 2008 and they currently have one child together called Ge (MORE)

Who is lyle zapato?

He is very dumb enough to make a fake website, and the pictures  looked like they were all stuffed animals or photo shopped. I think  that Lyle just wanted to get the money (MORE)

Is the Gallagher Girl Series a movie?

Not yet, but it could well get turned into a movie, it says this on the gallagher girls website: What do THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, CHARLOTTE'S WEB, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, and (MORE)

How much is Liam gallagher worth?

I've read two different articles, one claiming Liam is worth $40 million, the other $30 million. Five million isn't even close. After all, Oasis has sold over 50 millions albu (MORE)

Did rudy lyle manufacture banjos?

  No. Rudy Lyle, best known as Bill Monroe's banjo picker on "Rawhide"(the Bill Monroe instrumental and nothing to do with the old TV series)played a Gibson banjo. The " (MORE)